About Gentlemen on Horseback

Welcome to GentlemenOnHorseback.com

It so happened I had been reading a lot of Spanish history about the time of Columbus. The King of Spain issued an edict. Folks listened to the King’s edicts. He said, “All the Gentlemen of the Realm must ride horses.” Poor old Columbus was so seasick, the King let him ride a mule.

These Gentlemen of the Realm were called Caballeros (which means horsemen in Spanish). It occurred to me that the men who followed me on horseback were the Gentlemen of the Realm, Landowners and Livestock men. Many people would not recognize the connection if we called ourselves Caballeros, so why not call ourselves The Gentlemen on Horseback?

The name stuck. It has influenced our attitude and behavior toward the property and rights of others. We are welcome back where we have been before.

I am proud to have been connected with this group of men for all these years. You can be proud to say, “I’ve ridden with The Gentlemen on Horseback.”

– Chuck Glover

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