Riders We Remember

This page is dedicated to those who have moved on to the Big Ride, those whom God blessed us with the privilege of the gift of their lives, and those whom we shared the joys of riding.

Dick Chamberlain and Lee Barton

This picture of Dick and Lee says it all….Dick is a great guy and a really special Gentleman and will remain in our thoughts….
“So long  partner”
Trail Boss
Gentlemen on Horseback
From Lee and Susan Barton:

Dick Chamberlain, of Vale, Oregon, passed away on November 13, 2014. Dick was born on March 1, 1931, the youngest of five children. He grew up on the banks of the Columbia River where he enjoyed riding horses and hunting. Dick served in the US Navy from 1950-1954. Dick was a true gentleman on horseback…he was a 4-H leader and spent many weekends riding the wilderness areas along the Columbia River, led group trail rides on Mt. Adams, was a member of the Backcountry Horsemen of America scouting and maintaining trails. He was able to take his grandchildren on many of these horseback trips. Dick was a regular attendee at the Vale (Oregon) 4th of July Rodeo and rode with the Gentlemen on Horseback (along with his brother, Veryl). Dick was a good friend of Lee Barton. They spent many days together riding in the Eagle Cap Wilderness and the Owyhee Country. 


Dwight Opp

We lost one of our  good friends last year, please take a moment  to remember Dwight Opp………great smile, good man, adventurer…the service at Newport and the place was packed…..sympathies to his wife and family …….

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