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FROM JOHN AILPORT GOH TRAIL BOSS:                         5/7/2023

Come and celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Gentlemen on July 9-14, 2023

We are heading to Salmon Meadows, just north of Conconully, Washington!   

We are gearing up for our 75th Anniversary Gentlemen on Horseback Ride.  As discussed, this year’s ride will be at Salmon Meadows Campground near Conconully, Washington.  Another great opportunity to explore a new area! Below is the registration forms and directions to the camp so we can start getting folks signed up for the ride.  The ride starts on Sunday July 9th, at 6 PM, with dinner and we ride through Friday, July 14th.  There is some entertainment lined up for middle of the week, and some nice rides planned! There is a big meadow for camping and with many trails for everyone to enjoy!  I’ve included the directions to camp as an attachment, there is a $10 per vehicle, per day, camping fee to use the meadow, which I explained in the directions. 

If you know any men out there who like to ride and would enjoy a week of horseback riding in the mountains, without the worry of cooking, give them a call and invite them along! We need to work on bringing on new riders so we can continue the tradition of the Gentlemen on Horseback for another 75 years!

The cost will be $325 for the week (the same as last year), and I need to have registrations sent in no later than June 15th.  Food costs are everchanging so the sooner we can get our head count, the easier it will be for the cook.  If you wouldn’t mind responding to this email (reply to just to me) and let me know if you are planning to attend, and then send in your registration form and check, that would be helpful.  As I mentioned, the biggest thing is knowing how many folks will be attending so we can order the correct amount of food.

For those of you who were at the Banquet, you already know that this year we had a Belt Buckle designed in commemoration of the 75th Anniversary for the Gentlemen on Horseback!  I will be putting in an order by May 15th so we can get them made prior to our ride. The cost is $120.00, and the registration form includes area where you can request one.  Attached is a picture of the buckle image, size is 3”x4”. We raffled one off at our banquet and Doug Stockdale was the winner! He definitely recommends it! 

At the banquet, a chuck box full of camp kitchen items was donated by our cook, Robin, and we started selling raffle tickets that will be given away at this year’s ride!  For those of you that didn’t make, there will still be time to purchase additional raffle tickets at the ride! Pictures included!

I am also working on some Ideas for a fall family ride this year, tentatively scheduled for September 22-24, stay tuned for more!

Dean has been working on a photobook, highlighting 2022 GOH activities.  I saw a preview and he has done an amazing job!!  It is nearing completion and he will be reaching out with the details shortly.  Stay Tuned!

I look forward to seeing you all in July, and please let me know if you have any questions.


John Ailport
GOH, Trail boss

2023 Registration Form and Belt Buckle form
2023 Directions to Ride 

2023 GOH Belt Buckle Design


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