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FROM SCOTT THE GOH TRAIL BOSS:                          05/22/2020


2020 GOH Banquet

The GOH Banquet is TBD – August 2020.     

Hey, if you have anything you want to throw in the giveaway, bring it on down!

This year’s banquet is a big deal because it is my 10th year as Trail Boss of this great group and we are doing well and ready for a big turnout at the banquet and the rides this year!  You all have done so well continuing to support and promote your group, Gentlemen on Horseback…..you get it!  We have a rich history and great traditions…without our past 71 years of history and the bonding of the riders and members we would be just another horseback ride.  I think about all the lifelong friendships we all have made through our contacts in GOH…. it is incredible.  Please take a moment, and really give it a long thought……………..  I personally know so many good friends that we have been around through the 20 years that I have been with the group. Thank you all!! It’s been a great honor being your TB!   Spread the word we need more riders! Hope to see you all at the Banquet!!

TBD – August, 2020 @ 5:00 PM


2020 Men’s Ride

September 20 – 25, 2020

Larry and Randy’s 7 Mile Bison Ranch, Spokane, WA

 AOur Men’s Ride will be at Larry and Randy’s 7 Mile Bison Ranch on September 20th through the 25th and is set up as well.  The new Trail Boss will take over on Tuesday at our Men’s ride meeting right before EJ’s shotgun shoot that we are going to have a couple miles up the road.  At this time I will hand it over to the new Trail Boss and as my last request I would like everyone to shake the hand of the outgoing Trail Boss and welcome the new one.  I consider this to be one of the best traditions I ever started.  When I was Shanghai’ed into this, my first deal was to sit down and tell everyone to get up and shake Glen Gower’s hand and thank him for 18 years of service.

It was a big deal for Glen and more importantly all us guys really appreciated being able to do this.  Great guy!  So let’s do this!  Thank you all, please spread the word to new guys and old.

Men’s Ride – Karen and I are really looking forward to this one. A couple quick ones here. Diane from Halfway, Oregon is cooking for us at Larry’s Ranch and possibly Robin is helping as well.  Don’t miss this ride!

We have had some amazing rides over the last years and this place is great.  We did this in 2000 and it was a big hit.  The big reason is we were able to get some new guys to come and strengthen our numbers….last year we had about 10 guys wanting to come but 400 miles with a bunch of yahoo’s you don’t know was a bit much so my hope is we can get a bunch of us and new guys to come.  Invite your friends and please everyone, this is your group, we all need to promote it.  Just one new guy apiece is a lot.  Go get um!


Registration Form Men’s Ride 2020  PDF

Registration Form Men’s Ride 2020  DOC

Coming soon!  GOH 2020 Ride Directions

2020 Men’s and Ladies Ride

September 11, 12, 13


Come one come all!  We are doing it again!

Inviting all GOH riders–past and present, new or old, their buddies and the many others that have joined us for this experience

This will be a fun ride!!

The cost for this 3-day soiree is $85/person.        You can’t feed yourself for that!!! 

Please get your registration in asap so we can get the cook the proper numbers to serve for.

It isn’t necessary that everybody rides.  If you want to come for the camping and/or socializing, we invite you to do so.  The main idea is to get all of us back together–whether you rode or not, you’re all great horsemen.

We urge you to register in by August 15th so we can get a handle on the food supplies we’ll need to purchase and meals to plan.  Any questions, feel free to call one of us.  Thanks, see you in September!

Registration Form – Men’s and Ladies Ride – DOC

Registration Form Men’s and Ladies Ride – PDF


Wiley Marks, 2015 Ride Leader

Scott Wiggins, Trail Boss

Tristan Wellhausen

Tristan Wellhausen

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