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FROM JOHN AILPORT GOH TRAIL BOSS:                          12/31/2021


2022 Men’s Ride

June 12-17, 2022

Mt. Adams Horse camp just north of Trout Lake, Washington.

This year’s ride will be at Mt. Adams Horse Camp near Trout Lake, Washington.  Registration forms and directions to the camp are below.  We will move in, Sunday June 12th and ride through Friday, June 17th.  There is a big meadow for camping and with lots trails for everyone to enjoy!

This will be a great opportunity for most of us to ride in a new area, and continue the tradition of the Gentlemen on Horseback! 

Don’t forget we will be selling raffle tickets for a saddle to be raffled off at this year’s ride!  A great opportunity to take home a nice saddle for the cost of a few raffle tickets!

Registration Form Men’s Ride 2022  PDF

Directions Men’s Ride 2022  PDF

Spring Canyon Ranch and Rustler’s Gulch

2022 Fall GOH Family Ride!

Inviting all GOH riders–past and present, new or old, their buddies and the many others that have joined us for this experience!

We are going to be on Joel and Robin Wadell’s Ranch.  We will have a large meadow next to the trees, for camping, horse water, and miles of trails…this is a beautiful private ranch.

The location is in Stevens County between Horseshoe lake and Fan Lake on the Little Spokane River. The directions to get there are:  from Spokane go north on US Hwy 2 to Eloika Lake Rd, turn west (left), continue approximately 4 miles to Division, turn north (right) on Division and continue going north and just follow this road.  Division will turn to into a gravel road…keep on coming and just follow it around approx. 3 more miles and you will come right to it.  GOH signs will be posted.

The cost this year will be $100/per person for this 3 day event. There will be 5 meals prepared by Robin for this ride:  Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner and Sunday breakfast, Sunday, we generally put out leftovers to snack on for those that are still around.

Food costs have gone up this year so the sooner we can get our head count in the better to help keep the costs down.  If you wouldn’t mind responding to this email (don’t need to reply to all just to me) and let me know if you are planning to attend, and then send in your registration form and check, that would be helpful.  As I mentioned, the biggest thing is knowing how many folks will be attending so we can order the correct amount of food.

Robin will cooking for us again, and she is thinking about doing a seafood boil for one of the nights. This would include crawfish potatoes corn on the cob and sausage in the boil.

She wanted find out if anyone might be allergic to shellfish.  If there are, please let me know at the time of registration

John Ailport, Trail Boss

Tristan Wellhausen

Tristan Wellhausen

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