2015 Ride – Teanaway Community Forest – Cle Elum, WA

3 comments on “2015 Ride – Teanaway Community Forest – Cle Elum, WA
  1. Mike Gunter says:

    For those who rode the high country the views were amazing. Good trails, good people, and
    good horses. Mt Stewart with it’s high craggy peaks with veins of snow was indescribable.
    Cooks did a great job. Good food and the coffee was always ready and hot!
    Thanks to all who went the extra mile to make this ride happen. Mike Gunter

  2. Don Dyer says:

    After 12 years, I have three favorite rides, Teanaway,Nyssa and Niles. I like Kalispell a lot but those are my three favorite, I like challengening rides or one with great scenery this one had both. I hope we go back there soon, real soon. All they guys are great I like riding with each of you and BSing with all of you. I hope we have many more rides together, I would like to make a special mention to Jack, Chet, EJ, Jeff, Greg, Wiley,and Jim who is making great progress and coming along becoming a major part of the group. Scott I will skip he know where he fits in he will always be a special part of everyones life. See all of you next year if the Good Lord is willing,

  3. Scott Wiggins TB says:

    Thank you Don..I very much appreciate that……..
    .This ride was a stresser for us right up till we drove up and saw Wiley (the amazing) Greg,Lee,Mark, Don and the other guys hanging around and smiling and I looked around at camp and said to Larry “alright this can be home for a bit, like John Wayne said…we camp here!!” great area, looking forward to doing again, now that we broke the ice…..many stories…thanks Bill you did an awesome job on every meal you are the man!! Thanks Steve for bringing the pork chops XXXX pork steaks your contracted! Our one and only meat supplier!!! …..Band!! fun thanks John for setting that up for your buddies from out in the Pacific Ocean!! All this prove my basic premise….Winging it….you couldn’t “plan” better adventures…(ok a bunch of planning) but still everyday is an adventure…as I think of it and look at the pictures I believe everyone of you leaves a memory in each of our minds at some point in the ride……sometimes we just need to take some time sit back have a beer and remember……boy those are some words of Cowboy wisdom, good place to close Thank you all for making these events fun and happen!! And thanks for allowing me the honor of being your Trail Boss……a pleasure….
    Scott Wiggins Trail Boss Gentlemen on Horseback

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