2014 Ride – Calispell Basin, WA

One comment on “2014 Ride – Calispell Basin, WA
  1. Scott Wiggind TBGOH says:

    What a nice time! We had rain for days, so we took advantage of it and BS’d around the campfire with our new and old friends. 36 riders and our new guy Doc Vic who is 86 and going strong, what an inspiration! This Gentleman was up and saddled rain of shine at 6:30 and ready to go (we didn’t even leave til 9:00) The new guys were a great addition to our group! Like always the things that we don’t plan end up being the best memories…this ride was no different. We had a get together the following Monday to talk about our ride, how we are doing, what we want in the future. I expected 5-6 guys we had 15, what a cool thing for me to see the continued interest in keeping us going the way we are. We have some good ideas and are moving forward! Been a true privilege being the Trail Boss for these great men!
    On to the nest Ride!
    Scott Wiggins Trail Boss Gentlemen On Horseback

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