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Greetings from Scott Wiggins the Trail Boss of the Gentlemen on Horseback. Welcome to our site, we invite you to look through it, enjoy the pictures of past rides and look at our upcoming events. We have a Men’s Ride in June for a week every year, a banquet in March and a Men’s and Ladies 3 day ride in the first part of September. Check us out and contact me or one of the other guys with any questions. Thanks!

 Thanks for all your support!

– Scott Wiggins GOH Trail Boss

72nd Annual GOH Banquet – TBD – August, 2020

The GOH Banquet …    


Due to the nature of our group, in that 80% of us are in the high risk group of over 60, it has been determined that our GOH Banquet will be cancelled for the 14th of March and has been postponed until August.

This year’s banquet is a big deal because it is my 11th year as Trail Boss of this great group and we are doing well and ready for a big turnout at the banquet and the rides this year!  You all have done so well continuing to support and promote your group, Gentlemen on Horseback… get it!  We have a rich history and great traditions…without our past 72 years of history and the bonding of the riders and members we would be just another horseback ride.  I think about all the lifelong friendships we all have made through our contacts in GOH…. it is incredible.  Please take a moment, and really give it a long thought……………..  I personally know so many good friends that we have been around through the 20 years that I have been with the group. Thank you all!! It’s been a great honor being your TB!   Spread the word we need more riders! Hope to see you all at the Banquet!!!


2020 Men’s Ride

September 20-25, 2020

7 Mile Bison Ranch

Spokane, Washington

Registration Form Men’s Ride 2020 PDF

Registration Men’s Ride 2020  DOC

GOH 2020 Ride Directions

2020 Men and Ladies Ride

September 11, 12, 13, 2020


Click on the link above for more information and Registration Form

2020 Rides and Events


Tristan Wellhausen

Banquet pictures:


GOH8 Max GOH7 Banquet

GOH5 JohnKarenJerryScott GOH1 Raffle


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  1. Marisol says:

    My favorite Caballero, Craig Lysiak

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